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Wallflower / Erysimum

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Wallflower Yellow Bird - Erysimum Linifolium
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Wallflower for sale online

Wallflower for sale online for a colourful summer garden. Easy to grow and available in beautiful, warm colours, Wallflower is a versatile, long flowering garden perennial, suitable for any type of garden. Originally from the Mediterranean, it was the Romans who brought this plant as an ornamental and medicinal plant to our country. With its lovely perfume and stunning flower display, it is an attention grabber. Did you know that it is protected in England? The wild variety grows mainly on old walls, where there is a lot of lime in the mortar, and these are less common. Different Wallflower varieties are for sale online in our webshop. A cheery garden addition, or grow in pots and flower boxes.

Erysimum for sale online

Erysimum is for sale online for fragrant flowers in the garden. Because of its long flowering period, Erysimum is an indispensable garden plant. To enjoy the long flowering habit of this evergreen plant for as long as possible, it is important to regularly remove faded flowers and to cut off spent stems. This stimulates the plant to bloom again. This plant is very popular with butterflies, and the flowers are very suitable as cut flowers. Plant in a warm, sunny garden spot. Because it is a Mediterranean plant, it tolerates drought very well. The plants grow to approximately 20-90 cm, depending on the species. Tip: combine with bulbs for a colourful spring garden or with perennials such as Sedum, Salvia, Allium and Dianthus for a long-flowering border. Erysimum is for sale online in our webshop.

How to prune Wallflower

To prune Wallflower, cut the plant back immediately after the main flowering and cut it back considerably early spring in the second year of growth. This stimulates young growth and prevents the plant from developing woody stems and becoming sparse and unsightly.

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