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Prune boxwood

Prune boxwood
Posted on 17-7-2023 by Nina-Beheerder

How do I prune boxwood?

For boxwood to maintain its beautiful form, it is necessary to prune it at least two to four times a year. The more often you prune, the fuller it will grow. Make sure you always use a pair of good quality, sharp pruning shears and have a bucket of water handy. Wet each branch before cutting it, and your pruning shears will slide through the branches much more easily. As well, the chance of damaging your boxwood will be minimal, and the plant will suffer less when pruned. Rinse your shears regularly in the bucket of water as pruning releases sap, which ends up on the shears and makes the blades sticky. To prune a boxwood hedge into a nice, tight shape, first, prune the sides of the hedge. Once the sides are completed, you can then cut the top. Keep the pruning shears as straight as possible and maintain the same height at all times. Using a string line is the best way to ensure that you cut the hedge evenly. Alternatively, to create a nice round shape with your boxwood just start cutting it from the top. Keep the shears upside down when pruning, and you will find it far easier to cut beautiful curves. Make regular checks when shaping your boxwood to ensure you are maintaining correct lines and proportions.

When can I plant boxwood?

There are two types of boxwood plants: boxwood with loose roots - root material - and boxwood in a pot. Boxwood with loose roots is best planted in the period between October and April. Do not plant once the growing season has started. The chances that the plant takes root will be significantly reduced. Pot planted boxwood does well in the period from April to October. Plant them in full sun or partial shade in loose, lime and nutrient-rich soil, and you can enjoy this beautiful evergreen garden plant for a very long time.

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