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Prune butterfly-bush

Prune butterfly-bush
Posted on 17-7-2023 by Nina-Beheerder

How do you prune a buddleia?

How do you prune a buddleia? The best time to prune is from March to April, then June, and again in August through to October. To keep this shrub growing vigorously, it is important to prune it after winter. During March through April - if there is no frost during the day - you can cut the bush back to about thirty centimetres above the ground. This will encourage the plant to form new shoots quickly once again. To encourage a lush flowering in August, it is important to prune in June as well. Cut all the buds from the shoots at the beginning of June, and as a result, this will cause them to branch out. With butterfly bush, the flowers grow at the end of the shoots; the more branches and shoots, then more flowers you will have. Once the butterfly tree is in full bloom in August, it is advised to continue pruning by deadheading the old flowers.

Prune buddleia in autumn

For a long and exuberant bloom that lasts throughout the summer, it is advisable to prune your buddleia in autumn. This will allow you to cut away as much of the faded flower plumes as possible when the bush is in bloom again in the months of August, September and October. Through pruning, you stimulate the plant to create new flower buds and to continue flowering for a long time. Do not cut back this bush radically in the autumn though, as there is a good chance the branches will freeze during a cold winter not survive. Only cut away the faded flowers in the autumn, and save the real pruning work until the end of winter (March to April).

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