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Prune Hibiscus

Prune Hibiscus
Posted on 18-7-2023 by Nina-Beheerder

When can I prune hibiscus?

The best time to prune hibiscus is in spring, preferably towards the end of the season. By cutting the shrub back during this time of the year, it will stay compact and produce a flourish of luxurious blossoms. The flowers of this shrub grow on annual wood, so even after pruning it in the springtime, it will fully bloom come the next summer. Hibiscus will grow by itself into a beautiful shape, so pruning it is not necessary. If you leave the plant to grow on its own, it will develop pleasing proportions that will have a much more natural appearance. If you do choose to prune though, it is important to ensure you always cut the branches just above an eye bud to ensure healthy growth.

How can I propagate hibiscus?

Hibiscus plants can be easily propagated. In the first instance, they naturally multiply via seed germination. Have a look around the base of the hibiscus in the garden, and chances are you will spot several small hibiscus seedlings that are ready to pot. Propagating from hibiscus cuttings is also relatively simple, with the best period for propagation being between October to February. Cut a branch about 20 centimetres in length off the plant. Prune one end of your stick to around half a centimetre below the eye bud using an angled cut; this is going to be the bottom of your stick. Prune the top of your stick using a straight cut, leaving around half a centimetre of wood above the top eye bud. Plant the cuttings with the angled edge into the ground first in a sheltered spot in the garden. Do this at the end of winter/ beginning of spring, leaving the tops of the sticks protruding from the ground. Do not be alarmed if there are no roots visible on your cuttings: this is normal. Come late spring the cuttings will be ready to plant in the garden so that they can take root and the buds can begin to develop. Always keep the soil around the sticks moist. In autumn, the cuttings will be mature and hardy enough to be planted in a permanent spot in the garden.

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