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Prune lavender

Prune lavender
Posted on 18-7-2023 by Nina-Beheerder

How do I prune lavender?

For a beautiful flowering Lavender bush prune them in spring. After the main pruning, you can prune Lavender regularly several times a year. By pruning and trimming regularly, you ensure that they grow into lovely plants. Lavender is very easy to prune. Here are a few tips. For main pruning, cut the plant back to about ten to fifteen centimetres above the ground. Do not cut down to leafless growth, because then the plant will not run out anymore. Lavender grows on stems that grew this year. When pruning to give your plants a lovely shape, merely remove any spent flowers. Make sure you do not cut down to old wood, as lavender does not rejuvenate from old wood. Regularly pruning your plants from a young age will stimulate them to form new shoots and stay beautiful and full. To encourage dense branching, we recommend a light pruning several times during the growing season.

Blauwe regen

When can I fertilize Lavender

It is not necessary to fertilise Lavender in the garden. Fertilise potted plants in spring. For a healthy, strong plant that blossoms nicely, we recommend a sprinkling of lime as well. Sprinkle some lime around your plants once every two years in the autumn, in winter or early spring. However; this is not necessary if you live in an area with chalky or sandy soils.

When can I propagate Lavener?

The best time to plant Lavender is in April or August, just after the flowering period. Propagating Lavender through cuttings is a simple job. To make a cutting of this garden plant, cut off a medium sized stem of the plant, about 5 centimetres is enough. Cut the stem diagonally and remove the bottom leaves. Put the cuttings in a container filled with a mixture of potting soil, sand and grit. Make sure the leaves just touch the earth. Do not place your pots with cuttings in full sun and make sure the soil remains moist. After a few months, the cuttings will have rooted. Transplant the lavender cuttings to a larger pot. In the spring they can go outside to acclimatise. After the 15th of May, transplant the young plants to their final destination in the garden.

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