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Bark Chippings 2.730 lt

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Bark Chippings 2.730 lt
Bark Chippings 2.730 lt
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Product description

Bark Chippings 2.730 litres (39 bags).Bark Chippings or ornamental bark is ideal to use as a ground cover in the garden to suppress weeds. It s also a very sustainable solution because a layer of bark lasts an average of five to eight years. And apart from being sustainable and an excellent weed suppressant, it s also a great way to create an attractive garden in very little time.There are many advantages to using ornamental bark chippings in the garden:Very decorativeNatural product and therefore an environmentally conscious choiceBiodegradableProvides nutrition for micro-organisms in the garden soilCombats weeds no more hours of weeding!Note: ornamental bark is only supplied in 70-litre bags, not loose. Not only is this a convenient option, but you can also save unused bags for the next season. 1 bag is enough to cover 1 m2.


Delivery time3 Days
CharacteristicsFertilization and control
CategoryBark chippings
Product codeBJ-023-39
Unit39 Pieces
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