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Bark chippings ideal ground cover for the garden

Bark Chippings - or ornamental bark - is ideal to use as a ground cover in the garden to suppress weeds. It is also a very sustainable solution because a layer of bark lasts an average of five to eight years. And apart from being sustainable and an excellent weed suppressant, it is also a great way to create an attractive garden in very little time.

Ornamental bark is ideal to use as a ground cover. It looks beautiful in sunny, south-facing gardens between ornamental grass and other sun-loving plants or in shady gardens under shrubs and trees and evergreen perennials. A thick layer of bark really elevates the garden and makes the ground look less sombre. Bark chippings are also ideal to use in the vegetable garden. Use it to create natural paths between your vegetable beds or in children play areas for extra safety and protection.

There are many advantages to using ornamental bark chippings in the garden:

  • Very decorative
  • atural product and therefore an environmentally conscious choice
  • Biodegradable
  • Provides nutrition for micro-organisms in the garden soil
  • Combats weeds - no more hours of weeding!
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Protects garden plants
  • Prevents the soil from drying out
  • Ideal as a ground cover in southern-facing gardens
  • A beautiful ground cover in shady gardens
  • Ideal for playgrounds and children play areas
  • An economical and quick solution to beautify the garden

How many litres of garden bark do I need per m2?

For a good covering layer in the garden, you need one to one and a half 70 litre bags per 1 m2. To give you an idea; for a garden of 10m2, you need, on average a 1,000-litre tree bark for a covering of about 7 cm. If you have sandy soil, it is recommended to apply a slightly thicker layer between the plants.

French bark - Pinus Pinaster

French bark has a red-brown colour and comes from a tree on the Mediterranean Sea (Pinus Pinaster. The lifespan and decorative value of French bark is higher than ordinary tree bark chippings.

Bark chippings for sale

Bark chippings are for sale online in our webshop. Order and we deliver it to your front door. This saves you a lot of work. Koeman Flowerbulbs only supplies Bark Chippings in 70-litre bags, not loose. Not only is this a convenient option, but you can also save unused bags for the next season. For example, it is possible to spread a small layer over the "old" layer in the spring for a fresh look.

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